The One Easy Trick to Losing Weight? (Sorry, It Doesn’t Exist)

Losing weight isn’t easy, but it is simple

We’re about to reveal a shocking truth:

Being Skinny is Hard.

Ice Cream


Americans are always trying to lose weight. Every year there are new exercise and diet trends. From the low fat to the low carb to Paleo. From aerobics to spinning to Cross Fit. Beyond these fads, there are the constant, always scientific sounding recommendations: sugar is the enemy, calories don’t matter, avoid gluten, eat healthy fat, cut out sugar and dairy, etc, etc, etc.

But no matter what, Americans are getting fatter. While being overweight is reason to be be morally shamed as in “fat shaming”, it is not good. So let me give you some advice that has the great merit of being correct, based on undeniable actual science, as opposed to the so called science some claim but is inherently subjective and never truly verifiable. For example, there is no doubt that while biology and nutrition are sciences, but there is a science which is much more relevant to losing weight: physics. So based on science and experience, here is what you need to do to lose weight.

Calories matter the most. This isn’t nutrition or biology talking, but undeniable physics. Specifically, the 1st law of thermodynamics explains all human metabolism: the conversion of food into energy that is used by the body to perform activities. This isn’t opinion. This is a law of physics. To deny this is to deny Earth orbits around the Sun. Thus, in order to lose weight, you must eat less calories than the calories you burn throughout the day.
What you eat does matter only because that can help you eat less overall. Simply put. protein is more satiating. Try this yourself at home. Compare eating 500 calories in pasta with only tomato sauce versus eating 500 calories in pasta and sausage with tomato sauce. Obviously, you will eat less pasta in the second choice, but the protein of sausage in the second choice will make the meal more satiating and help you resist the desire to eat more later or earlier and thus help you consume less calories during that day.
Exercises are great for many things but is virtually useless for losing weight. Now if you can work out for 6-8 hours each day, then assuming you aren’t eating more, yes such exercises can make you lose weight. But even a hour or two of working out will barely move the needle on how much more calories you burn that day. And that’s assuming, you aren’t eating more because of the assumed benefits of exercising. As it is, how most people exercise is simply too easy and slow, despite the efforts, to be very effective for anything, especially for losing weight. One hour of Barry’s Bootcamp won’t do shit. Running 10 miles at a 6 minutes mile pace will do something. Very few of us can do that. Many people go spinning. Most people are fat. Think about it.
Yes, genetics do matter, but they don’t determine. So many of the so called scientists, even though they know they haven’t done true double blind studies in long term controlled environments, claim observations as something more than observations and claim correlations as causations. Look, use the Internet to find pictures of wars, famines, sieges, concentration camps. There is one thing you never see: an overweight person. Apparently, when food is tight, despite the slow metabolism or some hormonal issues, everybody loses weight.
Hunger is good. You know how you are losing weight? When you are hungry almost all the time. Not super hungry, because that is not sustainable. But slight hunger which tells you that your body is burning more calories than you’re eating
So that’s it. It isn’t easy but it is simple!