What It Would Be Like If Your Ex Girlfriend Was a Velociraptor


We’ve all been there. You meet a nice girl, fall in love, and then she turns into one of the most fearsome predators of the cretaceous period. How did it happen? Something to do with time and space and nature and religion? We’re not sure, but it’s happened and it’s something we have to deal with, NOW. Do you flee (probably a good idea, at least at first), or do you try to stay and reason with the blood-thirsty predator? Did you know that scientists now believe raptors had feathers and fur? Sorry if you didn’t have time to process that as you were being eviscerated.

Here then are the possible outcomes of your girlfriend turning into a Velociraptor:

Could be good.

Could be BAD (good?)

Could be cute.

cute dino

hot dino

Could be twee.

twee dino

Finally, your relationship could simply be over.

real velociraptor