Nothing Is Weirder Than People Wearing Chicken Costumes

It just weirds us (our editor) out.

Some people hate clowns (almost everyone except maybe Fellini).  We hate chicken costumes. Why would anyone choose to do something so abhorrent? Why would these cluckers dress up as these vile birds and torment us? Why did we write this post, drawing attention to these bird-brained abominations?

Exhibit #1

This is basically a chicken McNugget that was thrown out because it was made entirely from a chickenhead (no pink-slime here!), but with legs.  We hate the eye!

Exhibit #2

So here’s an unattractive naked man with a bad chicken head. I’m pretty sure the people didn’t hold him up for crowd-surfing.


Exhibit #3

This is sort of clever (we are reminded of a famous scene in ‘The Office’) but it’s also sort of like a chicken and the cook who will cook the chicken have been cloned and morphed into an unholy chimera.

Exhibit #4

Colorizing great films is an abomination.  Colorizing an old photo of chicken costume is a useless abomination!

Most Fowl!